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Eggless Avocado and Tomato Benedict

This dish is great as a breakfast, but we love it so much that we plan it for dinner even more often! A healthy and much lower fat/calorie alternative to Eggs Benedict. When the kids ask me what’s for dinner and I respond with “Eggless Benny,” it’s always greeted with a “Yay!”

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Non-Dairy Hollandaise Sauce

I love a good hollandaise sauce. But good hollandaise sauces are cream-based. Until now. We love this tofu-based, dairy-free, vegan sauce. It’s so good that I actually feel guilty eating a lot of it, even though I shouldn’t. Not only is this perfect for our Eggless Avocado and Tomato Benedict, but it’s also great over steamed veggies, baked potatoes, or whatever else you can think of!

This makes about 4 cups.

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