About Kev



Me, Ryan, and my wife Shannon with Morgan Spurlock of “Super Size Me”

I cook plants. But I’m sure you figured that out by now. Some people think I cook plants pretty well. Most of those people live in my house, though, so let’s see if you think I do it well too.

I created this site for a few reasons. Before I get to that, let me give you some background.

Most of my life (about 38 years or so), I was an omnivore. That changed a few years ago when I made the switch to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. That means I try my best to eat vegan foods and limit processed ingredients and added oils as much as possible.

I have a pretty nasty family history of heart disease, stroke, and related illnesses. Unfortunately, in my early 20s, I found out that curse was passed on to me when I took my first cholesterol test. Despite being very active, mostly avoiding fast food and fried foods, and being 5’9″ and 165 lbs (oh the memories), my cholesterol came in at a whopping 270. That was my first wake up call.

I immediately started medications for cholesterol and blood pressure (come to find out that was high too). Everything was under control after that, but taking these meds every day for the rest of my life was something I didn’t really want to do. After changing primary care doctors some years later, chance would have it that I found myself face to face with my new doctor, Thomas Campbell. If that name rings a bell, it may be because Dr. Campbell co-wrote The China Study with his father, T. Colin Campbell, who was featured in the documentary Forks Over Knives.

So with Dr. Campbell’s guidance, I decided to begin my new plant-based journey, in an effort to break the cycle of heart disease and other illnesses that plagued my family on both sides. Thankfully, it didn’t take any convincing at all for my wife to buy into this new lifestyle, which makes it much easier to stay focused and faithful to the plant-based path.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. Sometimes I eat meat. (gasp!) And sometimes it’s just impossible to eat this way (unless you’re a shut-in who never socializes, has a completely plant-based family, and refuses to step foot in a restaurant). But starting this website will hopefully be a tool to keep me on track, and in turn, keep readers on track too!

Aside from the selfish reasons, I started this site because I felt there was a need for it. Just like everyone else, I go online for recipes when I want to cook something new for my family. But this can get difficult and painfully lacking in variety. Sure, there are a whole bunch of vegan recipe sites out there. But most of them rely on oil or oil-based products heavily, like vegan mayonnaise, vegan cheese, and other substitutes that are basically just flavored congealed oil. Go ahead and look at the ingredients. It’s gross. And most of it tastes like shit anyway.

So we rely on a few decent websites and cookbooks who focus on using whole foods and being oil-free, but a lot of the food ends up tasting the same, has no flavor, or is drowning in Mexican spices or curry just to make it palatable. Enough is enough.

I started this site to share the recipes I’ve tested, fed to my family, and have received the thumbs up, or as my son Ryan says “added to the dinner list.” But I want it to be more than that. I hope KevCooksPlants becomes a community where, not only am I sharing the recipes we love in our house, but you’re sharing the same. I encourage you to share your favorites with me, as I share mine with you, and we’ll all find whole food, plant-based recipes we can all enjoy. Let’s work together to make this one big “dinner list.”

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll stay for dinner!